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Help, I need a shower enclosure


What kind of enclosure are you interested in? There are four general types of enclosures:


Frameless (aka heavy glass): 

All 3/8” or 1/2" glass

    The most expensive of the four options

    Timeframe: from time of order 2-1/2 to 3 weeks

    Panel mounting options: Clips or Track

    Steam enclosures available



    ¼” glass on panels and door

    Framing all around just not on edge of opened door


Tub/shower slider:

    Can be made with ¼” and 3/8” glass

    Framing all around (just not on glass)


Splash panel:

    Can be made with ¼”, 3/8” or ½” glass

    Either stationary or hinged




Ok I know the options, how do I know which one to choose:



Most of our customers choose this option for aesthetic reasons. This is the most beautiful and enhance the beauty of your tile. The glass is sturdy and there is generally no frame to deal with.



A more affordable yet still nice alternative to the frameless. The glass is thinner than the frameless, hence the need for the frame.


Tub/shower slider:

A shower curtain’s biggest competition. Parent’s with growing children often change to a slider for the main reasons like: “My child forgets to close the shower curtain and the water goes all over the floor.” Modern sliders have been upgraded and have less frame than their predecessors. 


Splash panel (hinged or stationary):

A popular layout with our European counterparts. A good choice if you like your shower to be open. This only deflects water, it is obviously not a water tight choice. If you don’t mind some splashing, than this might be a consideration.


What is the next step?

Choose what works best for you:

  1. We can provide a phone/email/text estimate (just need to know the questions listed below)


  1. We can come out to you and take a look at your shower or tub and provide an estimate accordingly (we just ask that the tile, tub, or base is complete so we can take accurate measurements). We do not charge to do this.


What do you need to know to provide me with an estimate?


- Approximate measurements and layout of the enclosure (is their something on our website that resembles your shower or tub? If you have a drawing or photograph, feel free to email or text us. Please include contact information)


- Approximate dimensions (width and height)


- Is this a steam unit? If yes, do you want a transom?


- Finish color (for the handle, hinges, framing, etc.) see colors here


- Type of glass (clear is the most popular), see options here


- Where is the job located?


- We will assume that you want us to measure, provide and install the enclosure. If you have your own installers, please let us know and we can price as a knock down enclosure. We generally charge a delivery fee for knock down enclosures, or if you prefer to pick up the glass that fee obviously does not apply.



There are countless numbers of layouts for frameless shower enclosures. We build custom enclosures, so we basically build the enclosure to fit your specifications. A single door normally consists of a 24", 26”or 28” door. We can do sizes in between and the widest up to 36" for a door but it will affect your price. Anything larger than that would require stationary panels to take up the space. Panels have to be at least 6” wide.  

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